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Saturday, 8 June 2013

| poetry#1 |

 Assalamualaikum ,i took this poetry from Yasmin Mogahed site because the word she use sangatttt puitis .banyak lagi ,tp sy nak share yang ni je lah ye .selebihnya boleh korang selongkar dgn lebih mendalam :)

I close my eyes and dream quietly of breaking free.
I dream of breaking every single chain that has ever held me.
I cut them.
I throw glass cups against the wall.
Every vase shatters, and then I’m set free.
I will own love.
Love will never own me.
To break free is the only object of life.
Every up.
Every down.
Every turn.
Every stab.
Every pleasure.
Every pain.
Every loss.
Every gain.
Every broken chain.
Was just to allow your entire heart,
and being
to realize la illah illah Allah.
Tell this imprisoned soul that it will never be owned. Nothing will ever own you.
But God.

Break Free by Yasmin Mogahed

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xila xotmy said...

terbuai-buai ai di alam imaginasi~~~ hihi

sHiMi sHinHae~ said...

huhu sangat puitis kann

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