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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Meet the famous cats !


 Shironeko is perhaps the most content and relaxed cat on earth. His name translates literally
 as “White Cat.” Shironeko was born on March 8th 2002, so that makes him an 10-year-old
 boy. He may look pudgy in the photos, but he only weighs about 9.9 lbs (4.5kg).
Shironeko looks like a Turkish van cat to me. The most distinctive feature is his eyes. They
 look like they are always sleepy. Shironeko loves a relaxing day, napping in his basket or 
anywhere he finds comfortable. He is one adorable kitty.

how do i look ?gorgeous?yeah ~i know that ! ^_^

ohh i like ~

vegeterian cat !


Maru (まる, Japanese: circle or round) is a male Scottish Fold cat from Japan who
has become well-known in the YouTube community for the videos of him 
playing in a childlike fashion, mostly lying around, jumping into small cardboard 
boxes and sliding across his owner’s wooden floor.

i love this box !

maru & cow ^_^


 I am an American Shorthair tabby with a Classic pattern, otherwise known as a bulls-eye pattern. I became a Youtube and world-wide media star after my humans posted a video of me at the piano on YouTube back in 2007.
I was granted the honor of being the ASPCA's Cat of the Year for 2009. And I love the piano.

hyep !im nora ~

awesome ~

the piano cat ~

p/s : i love shironeko ! what bout you guys ?? ^_^

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✿Lady Ainaa✿ said...

Oh My!!!! comelnyaaaaa... tembamnyew pipi semua kucing nie..kenapa kucing ena tak debam macam Maru tu... geram!

sHiMi sHinHae~ said...

haha ,comel kan ??!sy pom geram ni !huhu my cat pom x temban mcm tu ..huhu

Sarah Iman said...

ngantuknya tgk mata shironeko tuh..haha.. neko= kucing.. klau translate nama kucin tu jadik shirokucing...?? hahah..(suka suki jek :P )

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