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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Twilight :Breaking dawn part 2 around the corner ~

Twilight Breaking Dawn theatrical trailer ~
wahhhh seriously i can wait no more !
16 november 2012 ~this saga will end perfectly ~
for me this last saga will be a perfectly because there's more story bout war ..we will see more effect on this ^_^

there's a leaked movies link of breaking dawn that i found ..but i cant open it ,dun know why :(
so !be calm and wait for the movies release in cinema yaaaa ! ^_^
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8 penGomen coMeL~:

Nurulee said...

Suka gila cerita twilight =D hehe.

Pykaa Pdott said...

pyka pon suke sngt . :)

SaddLone said...

arghh twilight... !!! trauma, serabai ! hehe

sHiMi sHinHae~ said...

@Nurulee haha sy plak giler giler pnyer suka !

sHiMi sHinHae~ said...

@Pykaa Pdott suka sbb edward ensem sgtttt ! :p

sHiMi sHinHae~ said...

@SaddLone kau trauma ?ak fobia !haha :P

zila manaf said...

xbape minat tp tgok je huhu

sHiMi sHinHae~ said...

zila : tgk jek ,besttt aw :p

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