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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Breaking Dawn part 2 ,7 minutes CLIP ! ~low quality~

hye everyone :)
yeah ,i know maybe many of u already watch this clip ..but still ,i want to share it ! this clip show how bella 'break' edward while hugging (i think that scene sooo funny ;p ) ,bella's hunt n meet jacob for the first time after rebirth ~
about 7 minutes for clip 1 and 1 minutes for clip 2!

breaking dawn part 2 ,clip 1

breaking dawn part 2 ,clip 2

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2 penGomen coMeL~:

Puteri Nurul Ain said...

tak sabar nak tengok part 2 :D

sHiMi sHinHae~ said...

waaa ~sama lah kita !!! ^_^

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